Saturday, February 11, 2017

the rules

father jack pulled his pants up and buckled his belt.

his voice trembled. “this is a terrible thing you’ve done, johnny,” he said. “to tempt anybody - any child of god - into unsanctified carnal acts is a terrible, terrible sin. but to seduce a priest - a priest consecrated to god and the holy blessed virgin like myself - is a sin so terrible as to shock satan himself.”

johnny looked at father jack with the trace of a smirk. “it was your idea,” he said.

“my idea! but it was you who wagged your round little butt at me and put carnal thoughts in my head!”

“if you say so.”

“i do say so. and there is one other thing i have to say. as terrible as your sin was in seducing me, there is one sin even more terrible than that - one that is even more certain to send your miserable little soul into the lowest of the depths of hell.”

johnny just stared at father jack.

“and that is the sin,” father jack intoned, “ of bringing disgrace and shame to holy mother church by accusing me of - of forcing you to act sinfully.”

“don’t worry about it.” and with that johnny left father jack to his thoughts.

father jack watched through the window of the rectory basement as johnny got on his bike and rode away with, to father jack’s eyes, one last provoking wiggle of his ass.

the years went by.

johnny had sex with various other humans, his own age and older, and as he got older himself, sometimes younger. sometimes he enjoyed it, sometimes not so much.

father jack continued to be plagued by a continuous stream of evil little cockteasers leading him into temptation.

as it happened , father jack and johnny both died on the same day. father jack of a heart attack , and johnny in a motorcycle accident.

they appeared before the tribunal of heaven within minutes of each other.

st peter and a jury of archangels decided that father jack, despite his terrible sins, had sincerely repented of them, and so, after a suitable stopover in purgatory, would be admitted into heaven.

johnny had exhibited no remorse, and had no extenuating circumstances for his misdeeds. he had, after all, been ten years old when he encountered father jack - three years over the age of consent - and had never looked back in his career of sin and lechery.

father jack felt bad for johnny as he watched him disappear screaming into the pit of hell, and would have saved him if he could.

but what could he do?

he didn’t made the rules.

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