Wednesday, August 26, 2015


by nick nelson

illustrated by palomine studios

donald did not like doors.

he was always afraid of being trapped behind them.

he was afraid that the locks or doorknobs would not function and that no one would hear his cries for help.

doors in rooms with windows he did not mind so much because he felt he could break them or shout for help.

he did not like being alone behind the doors in rooms on the higher floors of tall buildings because he thought no one would see or hear his wavings or entreaties if he were trapped.

he did not like the rooms in modern buildings like the one he worked in because the windows could not be opened or broken.

he did not like doors in rooms without windows - like bathrooms or large closets or storerooms - even in his own house, and he always left them slightly ajar without completely closing them.

when his mother was alive she tolerated this, along with donald’s numerous other eccentricities.

when his mother died donald purchased a mail order bride from a foreign country.

the new wife quickly took charge of him and treated him with contempt.

when she realized his aversion to closed doors she was highly amused.

and took every opportunity to lock him in the bathroom or one of the large closets.

donald’s pathetic cries and poundings were met with loud laughter on her part.

the neighbors either never heard anything, or minded their own business.

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