Friday, February 19, 2016

arnold toynbee

by nick nelson

illustrated by palomine studios

bobby blue and rita red
woke up one morning in a big white bed
outside the grass was growing green
and a yellow sun lit up the scene

rita shook her tresses loose
and poured a glass of orange juice
and bobby with his brain so gray
put on his clothes to face the day

bobby worked for mister brown
the biggest employer in the town
his immediate supervisor was miss pink
who had been known to take a drink

rita was a spirit free
who flaunted her prodigality
she had been raised by a purple aunt
whose favorite words were “don’t” and “can’t”

rita dreamed of rosy fame
when everybody knew her name
and she had her pick and choice of guys
under clear cerulean skies

bobby and rita were only two
people in a world no longer new
people whose overflowing dreams
sped through the cosmos in widening streams

the world was blue five billion years ago
and then turned brown so very very slow
red people with green eyes woke up to find
they were prisoners of universal mind

universal mind was a mauve baboon
who could not leave behind too soon
the curious magenta concoction he had dreamed
where nothing violet was what chartreuse seemed

in a drugstore in paris tennessee
rita bought a ticket in the lottery
and since she had already come so far
she also bought a hershey bar

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