Sunday, August 14, 2016

roger and his name.

roger parker’s name was roger parker.

he liked people to use it when addressing him.

he did not like being addressed, even by people he “knew”, let alone by complete strangers, by such appellations as “bro” or “dude” or “my man”, or older variations thereof, like “pal” or “buddy” or “slick” or “ace” or “old boy”.

he paid some of his hard earned money to have some t-shirts and sweat shirts printed up that were emblazoned in large, bright, legible print -

my name is roger parker. please address me as such.

roger wore these shirts at all times out of doors. (he happened to live in a climate that never experienced extreme cold.)

roger lived alone and worked out of his apartment, so he did not interact with other people much to begin with.

after he began wearing his printed shirts, nobody ever spoke to him at all, not even in stores.

he increasingly bought everything he needed, even soap and toothpaste and toilet paper, from amazon and other delivery sites.

he found he no longer needed to wear the printed shirts, but continued to wear them until they wore out and had holes in them.

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