Tuesday, May 12, 2015


illustrated by palomine studios

billy jones decided to test the limits of freedom.

he did not go to school on a particular day.

instead he went to a supermarket and bought two dozen eggs.

he took the eggs to the nearest subway station and boarded a train to the suburbs.

the car was about half full. there were a good number of people of all ages, but there was enough room for billy to maneuver .

billy took the eggs out of his shopping bag and began throwing them at the riders.

he was quite close to them, and did not miss any, with the eggs he managed to throw.

he was overpowered by two muscular young men who were laughing heartily at the proceedings.

the two young men held billy down after a very brief struggle.

the transit police came and arrested billy, and then turned him over to the county sheriff’s office.

billy was held in a cell by himself until his grandmother came. he was released on her personal recognizance and ordered to appear in court the next week on charges of vandalism and disturbing the peace. he was told he should consider himself fortunate he was not charged with assault.

while waiting for his grandmother billy reflected on the lesson he had learned.

freedom was an illusion.

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