Monday, May 11, 2015

the best

illustrated by palomine studios

bud was a regular guy.

he went to work every day and paid his taxes.

he was a football fan. and a nascar fan. basketball, not so much, and baseball bored him.

one day he had to take time off from his job to go downtown to see his lawyer.

the lawyer who was handling his divorce.

when bud arrived at the lawyer’s office the receptionist told him the lawyer was running late and hoped he did not mind waiting.

bud decided to grab a bite to eat.

there was a little pizza place a few doors down from the lawyer’s office.

they also served burgers and hot dogs and bud ordered a couple of hot dogs and a coke.

he was asked if pepsi was o k and he said sure.

the hot dogs were really good.

damn, these are the best hot dogs i ever ate, bud thought.

i wouldn’t mind getting divorced every day if i could get hot dogs like these.

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