Sunday, April 23, 2017

death in the rain - 2. ray

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part two of forty-four

ray was a living creature.

nobody liked him.

he had no friends because he was a loser and nobody liked him.

he did not talk much to other living creatures but when he did he always got into arguments.

he had no purpose in life.

ray was a watcher - a person who spent most of his life when he was not sleeping, in his room, watching television or streaming video.

sometimes he just stared at the walls or at the ceiling.

most of the time ray ordered his food from the delivery service.

but sometimes, usually early in the morning. after a night of terrible dreams, when he was feeling especially ornery and restless, he would go out to eat at a mcdonalds or burger king or wendy’s.

if it was a nice morning he would sometimes walk as far away as two miles, to a mcdonalds or burger king or wendy’s or even an ihop or denny’s that he had never been to before.

but if it was not such a nice day he would go to the wendy’s on the corner.

where he would almost always encounter the four amigos - stan, the turk, umberto , and vaclav. they were always sitting together at “their” table.

ray didn’t like them and they didn’t like him.

they knew ray was easy to rile up and they amused themselves doing so.

they called him names like “sunshine” and “smiley”, and worst of all - “snowflake”.

sometimes ray ignored them, but mostly he let them get to him.

in another time, the wendy’s would have been a diner, ruled with an iron hand by a guy named gus with a cigar between his teeth, or a woman named sal with tattoos on her arms, and they would not have stood for any nonsense or let things get out of hand.

as it was, there was always a teenaged girl or boy behind the counter - a different one every time - and they would just stare into space even if ray got into a shoving match or actual fisticuffs with the amigos.

3. the girl

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