Saturday, April 29, 2017

death in the rain - 8. jocko

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part eight of forty-four

jocko slumped a little lower in his seat.

he was sorry he had opened his mouth, because the teacher - or whatever she was - had hurt him deeply with her smart remarks about crime not paying.

jocko wanted, and had always wanted, to be a master criminal. he did not like to be reminded that it was getting harder all the time.

like even his own friends were telling him all the time.

like kelly was just saying the other day - you can steal a thousand dollars and walk around with it in your wallet - at least until a cop stops you and asks where you got it, or you try to buy something with it and the person in the store presses a button and jerks you around until a cop comes and asks you where you got it… but you can’t steal a billion dollars and put in your pocket…

and now tonight. he had been rounded up with some other losers by his parole officer to attend this stupid “presentation” - the parole officer did not even have to tell him to attend “or else” because there was no freedom any more and everybody was a slave and they were watching you every minute -

what was the stupid teacher going on about now? she had a chart lit up on the back wall and she was pointing to it -

the chart was all words, no pictures, so jocko ignored it. and listened, or tried to listen to what the teacher was saying, in case she asked him a question…

but he could not keep his mind on it, it was so boring.

9. kelly

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