Saturday, June 3, 2017

death in the rain - 43. a real smart guy

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part forty-three of forty-four

sonia kept the motor running when joe got out of the car.

the street was dark and deserted.

most of the snow had melted but a light rain was falling through the fog.

joe crossed the street to the little store on the corner.

if the store had a name it was too faded to make out in the dark. signs in the window announced - beer - sandwiches - lottery. a larger more boldly printed sign said “ big drawing tuesday”.

joe opened the door and walked in. a little old man was seated behind the counter reading a comic book.

joe showed the old man his gun. “give me all your money.”

“no money, sir.”

“you must have some money.”

“no sir, security service just come by. you first customer come by since.”

“you’re lying.”

“no, sir.” the old man shrugged. “ beside, security only take few dollars. most people pay with card. you look like smart feller, you know that. buy energy drink, buy candy bar, buy beef jerky, pay with card.”

joe hesitated.

“take what you like, sir,” the old man continued imperturbably. “take energy drink, take potato chips, take big game ticket, but no money.”

the old man put his comic book own on the counter. joe thought he saw the old man start to reach under the counter.

joe shot the old man in the chest.

then he heard a car outside in the street.

the cops!

when joe got out the door, he saw officer riley coming toward him with his gun drawn.

joe raised his own gun. out of the corner of his eye, he saw his own car still in position and the motor running with sonia behind the wheel.

dead game, that girl, joe thought. but it was the last thought he ever had as the slugs from officer riley’s gun ripped through his guts.

another squad car pulled up, with its lights flashing, and parked behind sonia, cutting off her escape.

callahan got out of the second squad car and approached sonia.

sonia rolled her window down. “my uncle is - “

“we know who you are, miss,” said callahan. “we will make sure you get home safely. you just stay away from guys like joe b from now on, you hear me.”

a rookie cop had accompanied callahan and he drove sonia away.

callahan walked over to where riley was standing over joe’s body.

“joe b.,” said riley. “he had big plans.”

“yeah,” callahan laughed. “he was going to be the new emperor of crime.”

“a smart guy,” said riley.

“he was a smart guy, all right,” callahan agreed. “a real smart guy.”

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