Sunday, June 4, 2017

death in the rain - 44. over the hills

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part forty-four of forty-four

’m going for a walk, billy said.

another one, said celeste-maria. you have been going for a lot of walks lately.

i need some fresh air.

why don’t you have your milk and sandwich first. and then go for your walk.

i will have them when i get back.

if you wish.

billy went outside. dusk was falling. he started down the road.

he hoped to meet his new friends johnny, mary, and frankie again.

they had been making vague statements about disappearing, but billy hoped they were still around,

they had never told him where they were staying, he always met them on the road or in the town.

even though they constantly ragged on him and teased him - especially frankie - billy enjoyed their company and hoped they would not go away any time soon.

but what he really wanted was to somehow go away with them.

away, down the road and over the hills.

anywhere, just to get away.

billy walked along. there was no sign of the three kids, or of anything. even the frogs and crickets were quiet.

it started to get dark. he came into view of the town, and the hills behind them.

suddenly, although he had not heard it, a car pulled up and stopped beside him.

a long black limousine, with tinted windows.

the rear door swung open.

mr lincoln was in the back seat, slouched down so that his tall black hat barely touched the roof of the car.

billy glimpsed a young woman in a chauffeur’s uniform behind the wheel. an old man in a battered gray fedora sat beside her.

get in, mr lincoln told billy.

the end

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