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death in the rain - 41. sleepy

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part forty-one of forty-four

despite doctor frank’s apparent age, and the fact that he was carrying his heavy black leather bag - which ray had offered to carry for him - ray was having a hard time keeping up with him as they made their way through the snow back to the abandoned building where red was waiting with the corpse of cindy.

the wind was blowing in their faces. and blowing the snow in drifts on the streets and sidewalks.

a light was showing in the basement window of a building.

there was a faded poster on the wall above the lit window. doctor frank stopped to look at it and ray stopped beside him.

the poster announced: “one week only - the international singing sensation - sleepy barlow - returned from her triumphant tour of the continent”.

the poster exhibited a barely legible picture of a young woman in a strapless gown singing into a standup microphone.

ray was not sure where “the continent” that sleepy barlow had returned from was.

“sleepy barlow!” exclaimed doctor frank. “she puts on a great show!” he peered closer at the small print. “looks like this is the last night she’s here. we have to see this!”

“but - “ ray protested, “what about cindy? we have to save cindy.”

“she’ll be all right,” replied doctor frank. “or not. i can either save her or i can’t. come on, let’s catch the show.”

ray did not know what to do. “isn’t it a matter of life and death?”

“maybe, but i can either save her or i can’t.“

there was a guard rail in front of the lit window, and below it was a door that seemed to lead into the basement . a short flight of steps led down to the door and the doctor started carefully descending them.

“maybe i should go on ahead and tell red you are coming,” ray said.

“suit yourself.” the doctor continued down the steps.

but, thought ray, could the doctor find his own way to the abandoned building? did he know where it was? ray decided to stick with him, at least for a while.

the door opened when the doctor tried the handle, and ray followed him inside, into a passage with an open door at the end of it. light spilled from the door, and they headed for it.

a small sign on the wall beside the door said “elite cafe” and below it was another poster like the one outside, advertising the appearance of sleepy barlow.

ray followed the doctor inside the elite cafe. he saw a small bar with three stools but no bartender and a tiny stage with a standup microphone like the one on the poster. there was no sign of a band or any room for one.

there were four small tables on the floor, but the only person visible at them was a young woman that ray assumed must be sleepy barlow.

the young woman turned to them and as they got closer ray saw that she looked exactly like cindy and red - their twin, or triplet, except that she had shoulder length black hair. she was wearing the strapless gown from the poster but had a sweater over her shoulders.

she did not seem suprised to see doctor frank, or to notice ray at all.

“hello, doc, you’re looking well.”

“as are you, my dear.” doctor frank put his bag on the floor and took a seat across from sleepy. ray hesitated, but sat down between them. sleepy continued to take no notice of him.

“it’s not very nice outside,” sleepy addressed the doctor. “i was wondering if anybody would show up.”

“i just happened to be passing by,” the doctor told her. “ this is ray, by the way. he is an old friend of red’s. and cindy’s.”

sleepy did not seem to be interested or impressed by this, but she did say, “hi, ray.”

“hello,” ray answered.

“of course, you don’t have to perform just for us,” the doctor continued. “if nobody else shows up.”

“oh no, no!” for the first time sleepy showed a little animation. “the show must go on! you’re an old timer, doc, you know that.”

“of course.”

sleepy looked back at the bar and the stage. “blackie should drag his miserable carcass out here pretty soon and you can get something to drink. the show starts in five minutes. anything particular you want me to start with?” she asked doctor frank.

“um - how about ‘love for sale’?

“always a good choice.”

42. or even his hat

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