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death in the rain - 40. an announcement is made

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part forty of forty-four

“what seems to be the matter, sir devilish?” jordan, the countess’s faithful butler intoned. “but come in, sir, come in, let me assist you, get you out of this nasty wind. looks like rain, sir, we wouldn’t want you to get wet.“

sir devilish keene was round and red-faced, with a waxed mustache and a gold-tipped cane that he flourished without fear or favor. at jordan’s signal, a footman sprang out of the shadows and helped him assist the heavy old man into the foyer.

“the matter? the matter? “ sir devilish sputtered. “where’s that girl? where’s that damned girl?”

“girl?” jordan enquired. “what girl?”

“the driver! the damned insolent little trollop of a limousine driver! didn’t want to help me in! made a damned fuss about helping me - a sick old man with a cane and her passenger - into the house!”

“ah - well, you are safely here now, sir, and in good hands, in good hands. here, sit down, sit down. would you like a wheeled chair, sir?

“a wheeled chair! do i look like a damned cripple? none of your damned wheeled chairs!”

the butler and the footman lowered sir devilish into a chair. “where is the countess?” he demanded.

“a good question, sir devilish. i am sure she will be here to greet you and the other guests - but especially you - shortly.”

“hmph.” sir devilish continued to scowl as he settled into his chair.

“would you like a drink, sir devilish?” jordan asked.

“of course i would like a drink! do i look some kind of damned teetotaling methodist woman? brandy and water, if you please. and none of your damned ice.”

“of course, sir devilish.”

sonia and joe had been watching all this, and overhearing most of it.

“am i going to have to be introduced to him?” joe asked.

“no, it might be best to stay away from him, “ sonia murmured.

joe and sonia moved away, back into the depths of the house.

“no sign of mister madison,” joe noted.

sonia shrugged. “i am sure he will be here. be patient.”

they entered a room with a large fireplace.

joe noticed the back of a head visible over the back of an armchair in front of the fireplace. on the head was a red skullcap.

“oh, there's the cardinal,” said sonia.

“another famous detective, right?”

“yes, but a much nicer one. let me introduce you. “ sonia added in a lower voice, “we don’t want to avoid all the detectives.”

but before sonia and joe could approach the cardinal, they heard loud voices in the room behind them.

they turned and saw the ubiquitous cleve.

“some kind of announcement in the blue room, “ cleve drawled. “they want all the guests to assemble there.”

sonia glanced at joe. “then i suppose we may as well hear what they have to say.”

sonia and joe followed cleve.

“probably another murder,” cleve sighed. “i always say they are tempting fate by inviting all these damned detectives.”

“oh,” sonia answered with an attempt at a smile, “it is probably just that the countess does not feel well.”

but when they entered the blue room, they found a pale, trembling jordan standing in the center of it. a stern-faced sir devilish keene stood beside him, leaning on his cane.

“is everybody here?” jordan asked. “i am afraid i have some terrible news to impart - there has been a murder!”

“you do not say so,” muttered cleve, with a smirk.

“how awful!” cried a woman seated behind jordan. “the poor countess will be devastated!”

“i am afraid the countess is in no position to be devastated,” jordan replied sadly. “for you see - it is the countess herself who has been murdered.”

“no!” cried several guests.

“perhaps,” said a melodious voice behind joe, “it is some sort of accident.”

joe turned. a tall, hawk-faced man in the regalia of a cardinal stood in the doorway.

“i am afraid not, your excellency,” jordan addressed him, “unless there was some sort of accident that left her with her throat cut from ear to ear.”

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