Saturday, May 6, 2017

death in the rain - 15. the dreamer

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part fifteen of forty-four

“joe’s got some big plans,” murphy said after a while. “you might be surprised.”

“i don’t think i would be anything that idiot did,” kelly answered.

when murphy dd not reply right away, kelly added, “i mean, anything he says he is going to do, or that he wants to do, because he probably isn’t really going to do anything.”

“damn, brother, you’re tough on your old friends tonight. first you insult me to my face, then you insult poor old joe - who is just trying to do you a good turn - behind his back. “

“if joe wants to come up here i’ll tell him what i think to his face.”

“yeah, i guess you would.”

“i would.”

“i guess there isn’t anything more to say.”

“i guess not.”

“then i might as well get going.”

“you might as well.”

but murphy still did not get up from his chair. he continued to stare down at the floor.

kelly resumed eating his sandwich and drinking his can of dr pepper.

finally murphy, without looking up, said, “what is your purpose in life, man?”

“i don’t have one. except to eat this sandwich. which is quite tasty, by the way. if you got yourself a job, a real job, instead of running joe’s errands, you might be able to afford one yourself.”

”ha ha. so you just want to be a drone all your life?’

“i have already been a drone. now i am a worker -“

“a pretty low one.”

“but i’m a worker. then i will get to be a watcher. and then maybe even a feeder.“

“and that is all there is?”

“that is all there is.”

“i don’t know. you can call me some kind of crazy dreamer, but i still think there can be more.”

16. the city

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