Thursday, May 11, 2017

death in the rain - 20. sonia

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part twenty of forty-four

sonia smith was commissioner morton’s most brilliant and favored protegĂ©, and held the title of “special liasion to the community” - a designation which gave the commissioner great leeway in giving her special assignments as he saw fit.

she had risen through the police hierarchy with unparalleled speed, leaving a trail of disgruntled rivals in her wake.

she was also a total babe!

the luscious contours of her astonishing body were enough to drive the most lethargic of human males mad. her effect on more passionate and lusty alphas can thus be well imagined.

her rise through the department had left frustrated suitors as well as disappointed competitors.

but so far she had maintained a steely reserve and an impregnable barrier against all personal entanglement in her meteoric rise to the threshold of power.

now she turned her polite but cool blue gaze on the commissioner, and waited for him to speak.

“i just wanted you ti know, sonia, that although i addressed my remarks to all of them, it was - is - you that i really look to to come up with something.”

“thank you, sir,” sonia replied, without so much as the shadow of the flutter of an eyelash. “i am flattered, and hope to reward your confidence in me.” she favored the commissioner with the faintest of smiles. “is there anything else?”

“um - that sister of yours, that you were kind enough to introduce me to a couple of weeks ago - how is she getting along?”

“samantha? she seems to be getting along all right. she is just getting her feet wet with the usual rookie assignments - community work and such. we would not want her to do anything differently or be assigned anything differently, would we?”

“oh, no, no, of course not. i just thought i would ask.”

“thank you for asking. will that be all?’


for now, the commissioner thought, as he watched sonia’s stunningly shapely form disappear through the door.

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