Wednesday, May 24, 2017

death in the rain - 33. the hideout

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part thirty-three of forty-four

they had been driving for sixteen hours straight, and it was dark when they got to the hideout.

duke snd pee wee pulled in just minutes after mickey and hank. the two cars had stayed within sight of each other almost all the way from tennessee.

johnny was in the back seat of the car behind mickey and hank. mickey lit a cigarette.

hank grunted in that way he had and opened the passenger side door. he looked back at johnny as he got out.

“what are you waiting for? help me unload this stuff.”

“maybe you should see if the door is open,” said johnny.

“if the door isn’t open, we’ll break it open,” hank replied. “now, help us unload this stuff.”

johnny crawled out of the car. he could see duke and pee wee getting out of the front seat of the other car and mary and frankie dragging themselves out of the back.

it was a dark night, with not much moon or stars. kind of cold, but at least it wasn’t raining.

johnny watched mickey go up to the door and push it open. like it had not even been locked.

johnny kept his eyes on the house to see if any lights came on.

hank opened the trunk of the car. “i’m not telling you again,” he told johnny . “let’s move this stuff.”

over at the other car, duke and pee wee were watching as mary and frankie began taking bags and boxes up to the house.

a light went on in the house. that’s something, johnny thought.

“make sure you get your kits,” johnny heard duke tell mary and frankie.

it took almost half an hour to get the trunks emptied and the stuff carried into the house. hank and duke mostly watched as johnny, mary, and frankie did the heavy lifting. pee wee helped a little bit, and mickey was roaming around in the house, checking things.

they were going to be in the house for eight days, until mickey, hank, duke and pee wee finally pulled off the job they had been planning for almost a year.

the job that would put them on easy street.

34. green

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