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death in the rain - 28. empire

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part twenty-eight of forty-four

murphy trudged through the snow, which was starting to fall faster.

he was hungry, and wondered if he should spend his little bit of money at wendy’s before going home to his little room.

as he always did in such cases, he decided to spend the money.

having made his decision, he felt a little better.

but then he started thinking about telling joe b that he had failed in his efforts to recruit kelly or anybody else to joe’s new crew, and he did not feel quite so good.

the snow stated falling a little harder, and he was glad to finally get to wendy’s.

but when he opened the door to wendy’s and walked in, he got a surprise.

there was only one person sitting at a table - and it was joe! in a table in the corner away from any window. with just a cup of coffee in front of him.

but joe looked like he was in a good mood and waved to murphy.

there was no way murphy could not sit down at joe’s table.

suddenly murphy did not feeling like eating, so he just got a cup of coffee from the teenage girl who seemed to be the only employee in the place.

as soon as murphy sat down he told joe that he had had no luck recruiting anybody.

but joe just laughed. “don’t worry about it,” he said. “we don’t need those guys. i got other plans now. better ones.”

“oh?’ murphy did not know what to think.

“i figured i might find you here,” joe went on. “that’s why i’m here.”

murphy just nodded. now he really did not know what to think.

“i got something for you. you don’t have to do it.”


“i want you to be my chauffeur. just for a few days. for a weekend.”

murphy was perplexed. “you want me to drive you somewhere? why can’t you drive yourself?”

“well, i could. but it would look better if i had a chauffeur. i am going out to this rich guy’s place - his mansion - or estate, or whatever. “

“ahh. i get it - you - we - “

murphy looked around but the girl who had been behind the counter was nowhere in sight, and the place was still empty. “are going to rob this place,” he finished in a low voice.

“no, no, nothing like that. nothing like that at all.” keeping his voice down, and looking around from time to time to make sure no one had come in, joe explained the setup with commissioner morton and mr madison - whose estate they would be visiting for the weekend - and sonia’s plan.

“that’s the craziest thing i ever heard of,” said murphy when joe had finished.

“it’s not crazy at all, it is the inevitable endgame of civilization.”

“if you say so.” now that he knew that joe was not mad at him, murphy was hungry again, and wondered if he could get joe to buy him a couple of burgers.

“so you are with me?” joe asked.

“sure, sure,” murphy assured him. “it’s just that - that -“

“that what?”

“well, it doesn’t really seem like crime at all - like a real criminal empire at all, if it is done like this, you know?”

“you are right, it isn’t.” joe took a sip of his coffee. “but this is something even better.”

“such as?”

“conquering the world. forget a criminal empire, this is a chance for empire, period.”

“this weekend?”

“no, dufus, we will just make a start this weekend.”

“i know, i know, i was just kidding.” murphy laughed. “you know i’m game for whatever. say, I’m a little short, think you could give me a little something to get something to eat?”

“sure. get whatever you want.” joe looked around again. “then we’ll go over to my place, i will give you more details.”

29. white

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