Saturday, May 20, 2017

death in the rain - 29. white

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part twenty-nine of forty-four

white had big ears and excellent hearing, and she had heard almost the whole conversation between joe b and murphy.

she had heard them talking when murphy had first sat down at joe’s table in the corner.

what they said at first made her curious, and since she was a naturally nosey person and there was nobody else in the place, after she gave murphy the two burgers and the coffee he bought with the money joe gave him, she had gone back to the storeroom that was directly behind the wall their table was up against and listened some more.

white knew who who joe was, although she had never been much impressed by him, and he had never paid any attention to her.

she knew he was a punk with big ideas - that he liked to express freely - about being a master criminal.

when she had heard enough to get the idea of what joe was talking about she went back behind the counter. the place was still empty except for joe and murphy.

white leaned nonchalantly on the counter. the two would be desperadoes had let their guard down a bit and were talking a little louder than before, and she could hear every word.

what joe was saying sounded ridiculous and pathetic to her. in fact she thought he might be dreaming or making the whole thing up. but what did she know?

she knew some people who might be interested in joe’s plans. especially her friend dooley.

white owed dooley a couple of favors, so she would let her know what she had heard.

the door finally opened and another customer came in. a dummy looking old man all wrapped up against the snow with a scarf across his face.

white looked at the old man suspiciously, but he had money, and by the time she had finished serving him joe and murphy were gone.

30. doctor frank

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