Tuesday, May 23, 2017

death in the rain - 32. walk in the rain

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part thirty-two of forty-four

what are you doing, billy?

looking out the window at the rain.

what about your novel?

what about it?

oh, i just thought you might like to work on it a little more. mr johnson and mr jefferson are both quite interested in it, you know.

no, billy replied, i did not know.

well, they are. i spoke to mr johnson just last night, and he was very impressed.

as i recall, said billy, mr lincoln was not the last bit impressed.

mr lincoln is not the only member of the council.

he is the only one we ever see.

yes, but there are others as well. and who knows, we may get to see some of the others some day.

some day.

you never know. so i think it is a good idea to keep on with the novel. but like i said before, maybe with some more sympathetic characters.

i don’t feel like it today.

what do you feel like today?

going for a walk in the rain.

well all right, but don’t stay out too long or get too wet.

maybe i won’t come back at all.

oh, billy, you know you will come back, you have no place to go.

if you say so.

i tell you what, while you are going for your walk in the rain, i will look your novel over, and maybe make a few suggestions, what do you say to that?

whatever, if that’s what you want.

billy got up and headed for the door.

don’t forget your hat and coat, and your scarf. it can get chilly out there.

33. the hideout

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